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A formally trained professional photographer, Jane Marcy received her degree in photography from Rochester Institute of Technology.  As the owner of Marcy Photography, a Studio / Gallery on Main Street in Cold Spring NY from 1981 to 1998, she honed her skills, specializing in film based black and white portraiture.  Casual and unique in style, Marcy became well known for her ability to capture the beauty, depth and personality of her subject.  These captivating portraits were often expressed in a sequence of images.  She developed techniques for hand-coloring her black and white photographs that gave them an intriguing retro look.  During this time Marcy began her love affair with BW infrared film and explored more deeply other subject matter as her love for Nature found expression in new Landscape and Botanical works.  

In 2005, Marcy relocated her photography business to Beacon, NY where she owned and directed Wild Wood Gallery.  A four-year adventure in this growing art community, the gallery was dedicated to the photographic arts and exhibited the work of many photographers.  This afforded Jane an opportunity to focus more on her fine art landscape and botanical work.  Along with this refocusing came a much-resisted transition to digital photography with the happy ending of being enchanted by the creative possibilities it offered.

Jane Marcy has been a photography educator for over 25 years sharing her love of photography. Having taught primarily at St. Thomas Aquinas College, she has also taught at the Garrison Art Center, St. Basils Academy and The Art School at Old Church in NJ.  Jane also offers photography mentorships for individuals wanting to expand their creative possibilities and navigate key digital photography programs such as Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop.



“I have lived for many years here in the Hudson Valley, walking along our stretch of River, wandering the wooded paths, and gardening in its soil.  It has been my privilege and my greatest pleasure to record the exceptional beauty of the land.  The ethereal feelings of my landscapes and botanicals have evolved out of the experiential act of observing, through picture taking, that sense of magic that dances in the light through Nature. I live for those moments of visual connection when the energy of place and its sense of mystery are involved in the process.”